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The Challenge

The offshore Oil and Gas industry has for decades focused on the extraction of its reserves. The industry is now preparing to enter a new phase – Decommissioning. Many offshore assets are approaching the end of production, in some cases they have exceeded their original design life. Recent reports suggest from 2021 the annual global expenditure on decommissioning is an estimated $13 Billion (USD).

Current Decommissioning legislation which promotes the complete removal of all installed equipment, is being challenged by recent environmental studies and new technology. To determine the optimum Decommissioning solution a Comparative Assessment is performed. Comparative Assessments are used by the industry in Europe and Australasia, originally developed by Oil and Gas (UK), they compare the Decommissioning base case solution (in-line with current legislation) with other alternatives. The Comparative Assessment takes into consideration; personnel safety, environmental impact, technical challenges, societal and economic risk.

Ajero Platform

The team at Ajero understand the Comparative Assessment methodology and with decades of industry experience and knowledge gained have designed a program to streamline the decommissioning planning process, resulting in; efficient development of decommissioning plans and other reports, assessment of multiple options for all aspects of infrastructure decommissioning that identify the associated costs, while considering the risk to safety and the environment.

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